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Fast & Reliable

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featured_networkcablingLifetime Manufacture Warranty on new installs!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Experienced [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_city’] [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_source’] Installation Professionals at your service. Ring and Ping provides enterprise [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_source’] throughout [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_city’]. Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber Optics and more. You call we install.

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Fast & Reliable Network Installation Specialists!

Contact us today for a free consultation. We specialize in providing top notch service for businesses in [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_city’].

→Extensive [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_source’] for Commercial Office Buildings, Warehouses, and Schools in [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_city’]. Cat5, Cat6 and Fiber Optics.

→Our Installers careful plan each step of your [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_source’] system before installation. This helps Identify and issues to insure [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_source’] installation go smoothly and doesn’t close off options should your company need to upgrade.

→We know that each organization has unique [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_source’] needs, our installers get to know those needs so that the best possible installation can be designed and executed. For all your [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_source’] in [cosmos content_type=’parameter_value’ url_parameter=’utm_city’] you can count on Ring and Ping![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/12″]


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Contact us Today!


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    Parilman & Associates, P.C.

    With offices in both Arizona and Southern CA, getting our cabling and technology needs handled has been a nightmare to co-ordinate. That is, up until we met Toby with Ring and Ping. Ring and Ping's prompt attention to our needs and professional service is top notch in the industry, and we can say this having gone through numerous other "big" IT companies. No matter the size, complexity of the problem or solution, Ring and Ping has always been there for us and has consistently delivered. We highly recommend Ring and Ping and will be loyal customers for life!

    Golden State Law Group, P.C.

    Golden State Law Group's growth rate has increased exponentially through 2010-11. With this rapid growth comes the need for more work stations and additional locations. Ring and Ping Communications continues to give us the advantage that we need to move quickly when the opportunity arises, even assisting in opening new offices over-night without any down-time. Currently running three office locations throughout San Diego County, we consider Ring and Ping to be a huge asset to our law firm by providing quality service at an unbeatable and affordable rate. We understand the importance of surrounding ourselves with the best tools and services possible to work effectively and efficiently in an ever-changing, fast-paced, work environment. Ring and Ping Communications offers all of that and more.

    Apex PC Support

    Being an information technology consultant it is imperative that you have the right people for the right job. Ring and Ping Communications has never let me down for my data infrastructure needs. I first met Ring and Ping when I got myself into a data cabling nightmare. My client needed 24 drops fully terminated and tested before the weekend and I was having a heck of a time trying find someone who could help me on such short notice. I was recommended to Ring and Ping, I called and told them of my predicament, and lo and behold they saved my neck and did a beautiful job setting up the rack and even mapped and labeled all termination points. When I need trustworthy, clean cabling done at the drop of a hat Ring & Ping is who I turn to.

    San Diego Law Firm

    Ring and Ping Communications has been a cost effective network cabling company for San Diego Law Firm and has delivered quality voice and data services. From maintaining our communication needs to installing voice and data in our new office spaces , Ring and Ping has demonstrated excellent customer service and dedication to our firm. Ring and Ping is always prompt, courteous and willing to go the extra mile for our business as we continue to grow. That being said, I highly recommend Ring and Ping Communications to anyone seeking quality voice and data services.

    Law Logic Consulting

    I have been using Ring and Ping, and this is the only company I entrust for all my cabling needs. Ring and Ping always delivers quality cabling at the best price around. I have never been disappointed with the service; the company is very fast and efficient. Ring and Ping always gets the job done right, on time, and on budget. Ring and Ping Communications has true professionals that care about their clients. Their care and passion shows on every job they performs for us, I advise anyone that needs professional cabling at the best prices around to use Ring and Ping Communications.

    Get Voip USA

    I have been using Ring and Ping for years. They have always been a true professional. Toby is an expert in his field and always gets the job done right, on time and within budget. Once I hired Ring and Ping, I have never went anywhere else

    Gorman Services

    Ring and Ping Communications is very knowledgeable and professional, it has been a pleasure having the team perform our service. They are punctual and trustworthy and I would highly recommend them.


    Ring and Ping gets the job done right the first time, which is extremely important in this industry. Their professionalism, quality of workmanship and ease to work with is unparalleled. Without hesitation we recommend Ring and Ping any time one of our client’s has a network wiring need.


    We have worked with Ring and Ping for two years now and had wonderful results. Ring and Pings team is 1st class. They always deliver exceptional results. The team and Toby are very detailed oriented, professional, timely and enjoyable to work with. We plan on working with Ring and Ping for many years to come. Tim McElwee COO - Proficio, Inc

    Mark Thomas & Company

    Working with Ring and Ping was excellent on every level. Toby's attention to detail is top notch and his crew is an extension of his great work ethic. I would highly recommend anyone looking to have a new IT closet/new cables for new office/TI improvements to hire Ring & Ping Communications. You will be impressed with the final outcome, crew and the entire company.

    Network Engineer at Keck Medical Center of USC

    Ring and Ping provides skilled IT specialist who's professionalism shows in the quality of work they perform. Large or small jobs, Ring and Ping has the expertise to get the job done right.

    L.A. Family Law Attorney

    I hired Ring and Ping when I built out my law firm offices in Miracle Mile. Ring and Ping came highly recommended by my IT consultant who had always handled my server and computer system. Toby reviewed the plans that had been drawn-up by the building's in-house architect, and revamped the plan to bring the cabling up to speed. He also made sure that the wiring system for the office was flexible and scalable, to allow for future modifications and expansion. Ring and Ping's work on site was amazing, and all of the other subcontractors and the general contractor loved working with them. I have since merged my firm with a larger firm, and I am waiting for the chance to bring Toby in when we either move to new space, or totally renovate our current space.

    San Diego Defenders

    Dear Toby and the Ring and Ping Staff, Your work was superb and down exactly when you said it would get done. Your ability to listen to my needs and coordinate with the DSL provider was outstanding and a true breath of fresh air. I would recommend your services to anyone and stake my reputation on it. I feel that confident in your work. I have had no issues whatsoever and you have answered all my questions. Thanks Toby and Ring and Ping!

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    It will always be about quality. We're passionate about providing the highest level of professional services. We'd like to hear your message!